Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Borden Family Letter #1

{Letter with no date, no name for the sister or the writer}

My Dearest Sister:

Papa has just handed me his letter saying “you may read it, and add something to it if you will not be long- ”
With my heart so full of tender thoughts of you it seems unsatisfactory to send a few hurried words instead of loving sympathetic ones – yet I avail myself of his offer thinking I may not find time to send anything better before I go to Buckner’s- Papa returned Sunday looking very well but I think sun burned- he talks to Florie about going to Cal. in reply she says she is not certain about her trip but would like to if all things – it will cost a thousand dollars &c. ------

Maria Quneles walked out yesterday with Florie and little Edward and nurse – they left us an hour ago to go to cousin John’s to spend the day – the point to their visit was to see Margie; she and Annie sit-by in a quiet chat making sun bonnets – and ask to be remembered in my letter.  Margie says she wishes her love to Mrs. Borden and knows she would love her could she know her. Alec has a week holiday and he and Bessie are playing upon the carpet preforming for Kemic & Chiri who came in the evening to play with them – Cousin John & family inquire with affectionate interest about you.  Betsy Romyay also speaks with the old affection of you – Mag is still in La – where she will remain all summer.

A letter from Jennie this morning and one a few days ago from Kate gives us news of her restoration from her ‘accident’ also of the condition of her brother who is now in Montgomery with her K’s mother under Jennies care, he is in a very critical condition some of his symptoms are better, but J. fears his constitution is too much exhausted to admit of any very great improvement, is very weak, has spell of prostration and is much emanicated.

Addie is at home again her mother went with her for a week and now Miss Emily is with her.  Margie and I will go Saturday week, first, taking Bessie to Meridian to meet her father who will take her home.

Sallie writes that she is busy renovating and visiting too; so we gladden our hearts with the thought she is steadily improving.

A letter just recd. from Helen says all are well, and she laments so much not seeing Margie and Bessie.

Tell Genie his Cust {sp?} has been recd. to Annie, Margie wrote last week and I write this and will write to him soon. The P.O. order came all safe as we have written once.

Papa has come to the door telling me to hurry and I feel this is but the shadow of what a letter should have been.

Brother C. Dretor {sp ?}, and all send love and best wishes and so does your loving sister to you and the dear friends and Lida.
We do not know your city address Have you recd the little “tricks” sent direct to Eugene
It was Belfield L. that Mr. Wayne called his man, tell Gene.

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