Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dick Eastman's Post on AnestorSync - Very Exciting

As I was reading my favorite blogs this morning, Dick Eastman has a post "AncestorSync To Bridge The Gap Between Desktop and Online Family History".  If you have not read it, please take a look.

I personally work on my Family History with Legacy Family Tree software.  I love the software and have used it forever.  But I also want my Family information in the 'Cloud' so more people can find the information.  I do have The McManigle Family website, I use Legacy to create the pages and then upload them.  I have uploaded the GED file to Ancestry Family Trees, many many times!  There is no way to Sync at this time.  I have also uploaded a GED file to Geni and Archives.  But again no way to Sync, the information needs to up re-uploaded.  I probably have a couple more out there that I have forgotten.  Also Geni and Archives does not allow a large GED file to be uploaded.  So you can see if I tried to keep all of them up to date, I would enter one document to Legacy Family Tree and then spend at least an hour updating all the other trees.  Needless to say, it just does not get done.  BUT to be able to Sync them all would be very exciting!

I am looking forward to trying this new software out!  Ancestorsync, is the name of the software, it is not available until June 2011, but they do have a PreOrder special, $10.00 for the first year! Usually $15.00 a year.  I tried to PreOrder, but it is not available until tomorrow, 11 May 2011.  I will certainly be heading back to the website to give it a try tomorrow.

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  1. I, too, am excited to try this software out. Also, I love your header photo. There is no doubt that those children are related to their father...they all have the same ears! The same is true of my own family!