Thursday, June 9, 2011

When was the last time you went through your Genealogy Papers???

For me, it is looking like it has been many, many years.  After I updated the McManigle Family Website, I received an email from a cousin, Dixie Deaton.  She was unhappy with me and I could not imagine what I had done.  Well, come to find out I didn’t do anything!  YAY  BUT, that was the problem ~frown~  Many of you have heard my sad story about my Legacy Family Tree database becoming corrupt back in 2006.  I was devastated, and tried to fix it.  After about a year, I decided that I should just start over, so I did.  It has taken a couple of years to come close.  I knew I had not gotten everyone into the new Legacy database, but continued on.  Seems like I not only did not get everyone, but I also did not get all my sources . . .  Cousins, Pauline Fink and Sheldon McManigle had sent me a lot of information in the early days, Sheldon still does!  So of course I started with their files and was planning to get to the other files.  That is where I messed up.  I have never gotten back to the files of the dozens of cousins that shared with me their research.  At this point I am really beating myself up, it’s not helping. 

When I started, I had promised that when cousins shared their research, I would credit them as sources.  Way back in 1996, I only had about 200 family members in my Legacy database.  It was easy to keep updated and I printed out lots of Family Group sheets.  We even had a “Cousins” page on the McManigle Website, listing all the cousins who had helped with the research and their family lines.  

By the time that the Legacy database became corrupt, we had over 33,000 family members!  And needless to say, there were dozens and dozens of helpful cousins.  I have also lost many emails throughout the years, but have tried to keep hard copies and copies in my email folders.  I have not gone through them in years and have continued my searches adding much information. (note:  just checked and we have 28,737 people in the Legacy database, hmmm, yep sure does look like there are more than a few people  that are missing!)

I am now in the process of going through all my hard copies files and then I will tackle the stored emails.  I have no idea when I will be finished with this project! ~laughs~  I have four file cabinets and at least five file boxes and at least 2,000 stored emails.  Oh my! 

The purpose of this Blog is to apologize to all my cousins and even some strangers who have helped develop the McManigle Family Website.  I will try to recreate as much as I possibly can with the correct sources.  I am very sorry at my neglect, it was not intentional, I am very grateful for all the help I have received over the years.

Thank you

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