Friday, April 22, 2011

Busy Busy Week

It has been a busy couple of weeks.  I am really hoping I do not let this Blog fall by the wayside!  Have to keep writing, but there have been more Webinars and Radio shows and new documents to be found!  Of course I have also been reading so many wonderful Blogs.  Some of these people have so much going on, some are GIVING the Webinars not just watching.  They must have much more energy than I do ~laughs~

I was over at Find A Grave this past week, found a cousin, Wendy Kreider had lots of posts and they were very helpful.  Wendy has always been very generous with sharing her time and documents, I am very grateful.  Wendy has also offered to send more corrections and additions for the McManigle Family Website.  Another cousin, Dixie Deaton sent me a few Death Certificates and obituaries!  Aren't cousins wonderful!  Thank you Cousins!

I have also been trying to become organized!  oh my  I just do not think that will ever be possible!  There are so many documents and pictures that need to be scanned and entered into the Legacy Family Tree software.  I am starting late, but Dear Myrtle has her Organization for 2011 blogs which I am trying to play catchup.  Almost every time I try to organize myself, I end up running in circles and then get into a mind numbing game or if I am really good, I will head over to Family Search or Ancestry and transcribe a few records.  At least transcribing I don't feel like I am wasting all my time ~laughs~.

Getting late, so heading off to bed, will really try to write more often. . . night

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