Sunday, April 3, 2011

DNA ??? to test or not?

I just finished watching Elise Friedman Webinar  Genetic Genealogy for Beginners: DNA is the “Gene” in Genealogy!  Poor Elise, at the end of the 2 + hours, she was losing her voice!

I thought the Webinar was wonderful, Elise spoke in words I could understand.  I remember taking Biology way way back in 8th grade and I could remember a few of the words, but Elise was very good at explaining to 'Beginners'.  She certainly tweeked my interests and I will be attending her next three Demystifying the three DNA tests.  I thought I would watch the free webinar but was not actually thinking I would be that interested.  Certainly did not think I would be even considering the testing.  

Elise works with FamilyTree DNA and I am in the process of checking out their Website.  They have tutorials and examples you can look at.  I have visited the Forums and they are certainly exciting.  I still want to do more checking and see the next three Webinars as these DNA tests are NOT cheap! [click here for the Family Tree DNA products] I could get my son tested, but not sure I want to find out more about my exhusband!  ~laughs~  I want to learn more on what to expect from the mtDNA.  As one of my main focuses is the McManigle line, might have to see if Cousin Shel would be tested with the YDNA!  Still so much to learn!

I did a quick chart on who is in my maternal line  I could find with a mtDNA Test:
  1. Me
  2. my mother, Loretta Emma Carlson
  3. my grandmother, Edith Loretta Carlson
  4. my great grandmother, Emma Louise McManigle
  5. my great great grandmother, Jane Wells
  6. my great great great grandmother, Mary Catherine Waters
  7. my great great great great grandmother, Elizabeth  [maiden name unknown at this time]
hmmm,  interesting . . . might help take the maternal line back further?

There are three main tests, with upgrades:  Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA)mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and Family Finder using your  autosomal DNA [these links are from there glossary of terms on the Family Tree DNA website]

It will be interesting to see how this turns out.  I am hoping that the next three webinars are not so far over my head that I can't go on!  ~laughs~  But I have confidence in Elise, that she will be able to explain this so that even I can understand it abit more!  Don't let me down Elise ~laughs~

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