Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where Did the Day Go? the Week? the Month?

I have been visiting a lot of Blogs lately.  I have been getting some great ideas! I have enjoyed the variety of Blogs out there.  I spend so much time on the Blog Reader, that I have not been posting!  Somehow that is not what I had in mind ~laughs~  I can excuse myself, that I have not posted because I have been "learning"!  And that is very true.  So many Blogs and Webinars this past month, I really do not know where the days have gone!

I made a career change way back in the early 1980's; I was a bookkeeper and I switched to Computer Technician.  The decision breaker was, that I could go back to school and not learn much that was new, but get a degree, as I had been a bookkeeper for just over 10 years OR I could take off on something new and where I would be continually learning.  Well, the idea of learning something new every day was exciting!  I never regretted that decision.  I think that is also the reason I have been working on my Family History for so long.  I am continually learning something new!  This past month, March, I have felt that same excitement!

I feel like I have been living in a cave before March!  I have learned so much!  Blogging and Twitter/TweatDeck (thank you DearMyrtle), Cloud Computing, (thank you Dick Eastman and Thomas MacEntee) Blog Radio The most fun I have had on a Friday night in years!  Backing up Genealogy Data, (thank you Thomas MacEntee), New Features on Legacy Family Tree, (thank you Geoff Rassmussen), Reasonably Exhaustive Research (thank you Michael Hait), Finding Female Ancestors and Writing a Historical Narrative (thank you Lisa Alzo).

I have also been spending money, like I had some!  ~laughs~  Added more subscription and I need a better way to keep track of them all.  Hoping the upcoming Legacy Webinar by Thomas MacEntee, Building a Rearch Toolbox will give me a few ideas.

So much to learn and so little time!  ~smiles~  but loving it! March was a great learning experience for me and I am looking forward to April!

Have to go, have something NEW to learn.  My son, Jesse, just returned from Costco with two new Droid X's!!  First phone upgrade in two and a half years, so this will take some time!  Wish me luck.

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