Friday, March 4, 2011

Ancestry World Archives Project

Very busy morning and early afternoon.  I was able to transcribe more Ohio marriage records for about 5 hours today.  It always makes me feel good to be able to volunteer my time in such a productive way.  The dishes and housecleaning can wait, ~laughs~  when I finish with them, I don't feel half as productive!  (actually I did do the dishes too, just not the vacumning)
If anyone is interested in helping, even for only 30 minutes a day.  It is amazing what you can complete in 30 minutes and it makes you feel good too.  If you are interested, the link is:  Ancestry World Archives Project (No they are not paying me!)  Another great cause is for the Family Search Indexing .  I have volunteered with both projects.  It is amazing how many records are coming online, thanks to all the volunteers who transcribe the records.  Just think, one day the one record you will need to break your brick wall will be online!!!  YAY  can't wait!!

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