Sunday, March 20, 2011

The David and Jane McManigle Family Picture

I just realized that I have not posted any information on who the wonderful people are in the main page of this Blog! If I have messed up on the name, I sure hope someone in the family will correct me.  I don't my corrections and suggestions, they are good for me ~smiles~

Back row from left to right, 2 standing:  Timothy Billings McManigle and David Loman McManigle, Jr.

Middle Row from left to right 6 sitting and standing:  Phillip John McManigle is standing at the left end; David Loman McManigle, Sr. is sitting; Jane (Wells) McManigle is sitting and holding my Great Grandmother, Emma Louise McManigle; James Joseph McManigle is sitting next to his mother; Maude McManigle is standing at the end on the right.

Ind the front from left to right, the 3 little guys:  Silas S. McManigle, Harry McManigle and Lawrence F. McManigle.

Nancy J. and John A. McManigle had already passed away by the time this was taken in about 1892/1893, as Grandma Emma was born in August 1892.  The last three children, Daniel Dennis McManigle, Elise McManigle and Margaret McManigle had not been born yet. Fourteen children, WOW  that is a lot!

A copy of this picture (and many others) was given to me from Sheldon McManigle's treasure of pictures.  Vivian McManigle Gayther also sent me pictures of this family; as did Bonita Hilmer; Phyllis Jean McManigle Gayther; Pauline Fink and Alice Gayley were some of the very first cousins that help me get started on this search for all McManilge families! So many other cousins help with documenting the other branches from James and Susanna (Baecker) McManigle's children.  I will do a Blog on them later

I know I am forgetting more than a few more, I wish I had documented better when I was new at this.  Yeah, I was one of those that thought I would never forget my new found cousins and their kindnesses!  Twenty years later, and I have forgotten, but I am much better now with my sources and documentation of who sends me what ~laughs~ So at least, lesson learned!

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  1. A very compelling family photo both here and on your website. It takes a while to work out the bugs, as you've noted, but once up and running and the learning curve hiked up and over, it goes much better. Always something to learn, however. An 1892 photo is a real treasure.