Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Busy Busy Day

Just finished viewing the Ancestry Webinar, "Finding Irish Ancestors in American . . . & Ireland".  It was very good, BUT, not much help in finding information for our James McManigle, born in 1782!  The Webinar was not very encouraging for locating information pre 1800, actually pre 1850!   Can alway hope to find perhaps a newspaper article somewhere along the line.

I read alot of Blogs today, Dick Eastman's Blog announced a new 'Genealogy' search engine!  Mocavo Genealogy Search.   There were many comments in many of the Blogs today, some were not too nice!  Some were though!

Why was I so busy today . . . I became lost in the Macavo Search for McManigle (on the first page of results!).  Found old message boards, many I had forgotten about.  Even one for the Morrow/Satterlee families that I had totally forgotten.  I went into Legacy to see what I had on them . . .  oh oh  nothing!  Took me a few minutes, but I figured out that perhaps it was saved in the backup of the McManigle Family website, last backup of 2006.  (I was smart enough to saved a copy of all the pages, and I even remembered where I saved them to).  Sure enough the information was there, but almost all of it had no sources.  That information must have been found before I started keeping better sources.  I did find a source for the Satterlee family that pointed to William James Satterlee's website, .  Yep  pretty sure that is where I got that informtion, and he had added so many pictures and his memories of his grandparents, James Morrow Satterlee and Nettie Alvira McManigle.  Wonderful stories and pictures, I spent hours copying and pasting! Note:   I will not be posting those stories on the McManigle Family Website, William spent a long time on his website and so I have redirected interested people to his website, .  But I have add his information to my Legacy program and marked them private so that they do not post when I upload the pages.

Well, I guess I will head on back to Mocavo and look at more the of search results before I give my opinion of the new Macavo Genealogy Search engine! Give it try, can't hurt.

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