Sunday, March 6, 2011

Updating McManigle Family Website

I have received yet another email of an error on the McManigle Family Tree Website !   I guess I have been lazy or trying to get the database 'perfect' ~laughs~  We all know that will never happen!   I googled 'how do i upload legacy family tree to the internet?'   Up came a link to Legacy Family Tree ''A Guide to Publishing Genealogy Web Pages with Legacy by Jim Terry, Technical Support, Millennia Corp. Then there was a link to File Transfer Protocol Utilities and I found a free  FTP Commander Deluxe 9.2.  Ok, will give this a go, please wish me luck.  This might take awhile as I will need to create the website in Legacy, make sure that I still have the graphics from the original website, which means I will probably have to go back to the old computer and get the files.  hmmm   maybe this is why I have not updated the website. ~laughs~  So many little things to take care of first.  Will try to keep this blog updated of how I am doing, I hope I am up to all this.  Guess I should thank cousin Wendy for the final push to get this done.

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