Wednesday, March 9, 2011

McManigle Website Update con't

     I have not forgotten what I was trying to accomplish, I have been working on updating the McManigle Website .  This morning I received the new password to access the website.  I opened FTP Commander Deluxe (free software).  Entered the new password and YAY  it worked!  I was able to download the graphics I needed for creating the updated website  ~happy dance~
     While I waited for the new password from RootsWeb, I continued to transcribe for Ancestry and spent a lot of time making sure that the pictures from Legacy were attached to the right person.  I really love Windows 7, but the biggest problem I have encountered is that the attachments, weren't attached.  But it looks like once I attach one picture to a person, all the pictures for that person, are redirected to the correct location.
Today I am continuing with the pictures and also updating some of the family.  Making sure that the emails I have received with family information has been added to the Legacy program.  Of course, I become easily distracted by the records and will wander off for more records ~laughs~  But then, that is one of the fun parts of Family Research.
     I received an email from Dennis Janke which helped a great deal with the Hershlep/Hershleb Family.  Then this morning I received an email from Tracey Taylor, a new found cousin from James McManigle family to Sarah Bowley who married James Corey McManigle, son of Alexander and Juliet (Graham) McManigle.  Always wonderful to hear from new and old cousins!
     Another chore I have is to find a HTML editor, I used FrontPage in the past, but no longer have access to that program.  I have been looking for the past couple of days and will have to try out a couple before I make a decision.  So this process is moving along, just slowly, but hopefully, it will become easier to keep the website updated in the future.

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