Monday, March 14, 2011

The Frustrated Genealogist

As I was reading some of the blogs I have added to the blog reader, I notice one . . . The FrustratedGenealogist. One of her posts,  "A Real Genealogist" I really enjoyed and she seemed to be talking about ME!  I especially loved her reference to "Grasshopper Brain", wow was that me!  ~laughs~  I really do try to be a real genealogist, but I am so easily distracted.  Just the other day I was uploading pictures of headstones from a trip, my Granddaughter, Bayleigh and my brother, Eric and I went on last August.  The picture was of Eric's grandmother, (we have different fathers) Olga Larson Bloom Miller Fike Peer, yep she had 4 husbands and I could never keep track of them.

Next to her headstone was the headstones of two of her husbands, Terrence G. Fike.

The second headstone next to her was of her fourth husband, Lawrence A. Peer

I vaguely remember, Grandpa Terry and Grandpa Larry, but always confused them, as I was very young at the time.
Back to the Grasshopper Brain, As I had only the information from their headstone, I headed over to Ancestry to see if anything was there.  For Lawrence Alfred Peer I found a Birth Index, and the 1920 US Federal Census from Spokane, Spokane County, Washington and the 1930 US Federal Census Spokane, Spokane County, Washington.  How exciting, I found his parents, Roy Isaac Peer and Nettie J. Harron and his six siblings, Jasper A., Mildred, David L., Ruth, Walter R. and George C. Peer.  WOW that was exciting.
Then on to husband number three, Terrence George Fike, I found his Draft Registration cards for World War I and II . . .  I was really doing the ~happy dance~, then I realized these two gentlemen were not related to me or my brother!  Why was I doing this, I wanted to find out everything I could about them.  My goodness, I realized that there were actually hundreds of 'blood' lines to be looking into.   I did stop at this point, but I did a bit feel foolish.
So I am guessing I do have a "Grasshopper Brain", I could call it "Butterfly Brain", I think I like flitting from one person to another.  Sounds more feminine than jumping ~laughs~  Sometimes I think I should have named this blog something like "Easily Distracted".  I try to stay focused, but I really don't think it will ever happen.

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