Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have now watched the three Ancestry webinars on "First Steps 1-3"

I have been using Ancestry forever, or at least it sometimes feels that way, but I was pleasantly surprised at all that I did not know!  ~laughs~  surprise surprise!  I would definitely recommend these Webinars

As I have been exploring Blogs lately, I have found so many interesting Blogs.  I didn't make note of them all, wish I had.  I was feeling guilty for being so easily distracted again!   GeneaWebinars  is a great place to look for available Webinars.  I got lost there more than once checking out the Webinars and signing up for quite a few of them.

Guess what I found in my "Draft"  ~laughs~  when I lost this I did not think to look in Drafts.  Thank you DearMyrtle for your Webinar this morning on Twitter/TweekDeck Workshop.  All of DearMyrtle's bogs and Webinars have been very helpful.  So I will be Tweeking my Blog page!

Still trying to find the problem on my images not appearing on the McManigle Family Website.  For some reason it looks like when the pictures links appear on the website, they are trying to access my hard drive.  Even I know that won't work ~laughs~  Sent another help ticket out to Legacy, maybe they can find the problem.  I am in the process of uploading the pages again for the 4th time today, all 17,000 + pages!!!

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