Friday, March 4, 2011

James Wells Update

I received an email from cousin, Bonita Hilmer.  Many of you may be familiar with her, she has done a lot of research on the McManigle/Wells lines.  She was able to purchase a family bible of Burt Wells.  The following is needed for corrections to previously posted information.  Would love to get a copy of the page(s) from this bible ~smiles~  Very lucky find Bonita!

"Here is the transcription  of Burt S Wells bible: 
Bible of Burt S. Wells of Cleveland; Morgan Co., Ohio, USA Bonita Hillmer who purchased from Carol Burris who purchased in junk store in Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Recorded as Francis T. Wells in Bible.
Burt S. Wells married Nellie Spooner in Cleveland on July 2, 1889.
  • Justice or Justus O Wells 12/18/1823 b: NY
  • Geo J. Wells 11/27/1858 b: OH
  • William Wells 6/12/1880 b: OH
  • Burt S. Wells 2/12/18?? b: OH
  • Willard G. Wells 186?. b: OH
  • James Wells 3/13/1792 b: NH d: 1870 OH
  • Persis (Earle) Wells 10/26/1792 b: VT d: 1866 OH
  • Clarisa M. Wells 9/20/1811 b: VT
  • Francis J. Wells 9/16/1813 b: VT
  • Fones Wells 3/12/1816 b: NY
  • Eunice K Wells 7/2/1818 b: NY
  • Martha T. Wells 9/17/1821 b: NY
  • Charles K. Wells 1/2/1826 b: NY
  • Janes (maybe James) Wells 2/7/1828 b: NY or OH
  • William W. Wells 8/15/1830 b: OH

  • Justice O. Wells 4/23/1883 d: OH
  • Mrs. Justice O. Wells 7/11/1900 d: OH
  • Charles K. Wells 1/1905. d: OH"

Interesting, as I thought 'Our James Wells', was James Fones Wells,  and this bible is showing a separate son, Fones.   Also a new daughter, Martha T. Wells and another new son, Charles K. Wells.  Need to find out if the Military information on James was correct . . .  I see an email going out again to Bonita  ~laughs~

Please add this new information to your database and please do not forget to source Bonita Hilmer, thanks.

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  1. Yes, his name is James Fones Wells. All the census (except the one that has him as Joseph) and his 'mark' to allow his daughter to marry states James F / James Phones / James Fones or just James. The Bible had him just as Fones and you will noted the year is off according to other records, but the birthdate is correct.

    I still not have determined who this James Wells b: 28 Feb 1828 (his headstone states 1827)actually is. One 'tree' has him being born in Ireland but still the son of James and Persis. His birth has also been connected to a man who died in Mercer Co., OH. I have been unable to tangle the mess.

    He must be related to be in the bible and buried in James and Persis plot ... I just do not know how.